Contour HD Helmet Video Camera and New GPS Version

Contour HD Helmet Video Camera and New GPS Version

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I recently bought my high action camera off Ebay. The price was just so much cheaper than getting it in Australia, about $350 with shipping and insurance. Sorry I am happy to support my local businesses etc, which I very much do with all my bike stuff, but as I will probably never see the Australia distributors again well $150 is $150.


The ebay agent I used was great, they worked with me as I also added a spare battery, waterproof case and vented helmet mount to the order.

Playing about with the functions of the video camera is easy with the Easy Software. Just choose the function you want to run off the hi-low switch on the camera and you get 4 different choices from pure HD (which will challenge any PC without a bit of grunt in it) to high action then down to the ones I currently use to get disk time but still enough angle to see what is going on.

The videos you see on this site are mostly Youtube ones. The real HD ones are either on my PC or loaded onto contour’s site. See

I find the Contour HD Helmet Camera just the easiest thing in the world to use. Power it up, clip it on, press the on button, pretend you are the Preditor – there are two laser lights that show you where the camera is pionting – then when you want just push the slider on the camera to the on postition. That’s it. Get home and plug the carmera into the USB and see what happened.

I then download all my films and give them real names and load them up to youtube and contour’s sites. You will see that often I break the films up this is because 1. cycling along straight roads for hours is boring for me and you to watch. 2. youtube only takes 10 minute videos. The Conour will record for hours with the right card, settings and battery power. I have not taken my to the nth degree yet but I am hopeing for at least two hours per battery when I do.

The only issue I now have is that they have bought out a Contour HD GPS. So I think I might be putting my up for sale on Ebay or there are about 5 people at the cafe where the Kalamunda Shop Cycle go that have shown a lot of interest in buying it off me. When that happens my order for the new one will be flying through the ether within hours for the one with GPS.

NB one of my co-cyclists works for a road maintenance company that does the Roads and Cycleways in WA. He was very impressed with the HD results as a way of seeing the condition of the roads. Maybe his company will pay us to cycle around Perth!!

Contour HD Helmet Video Camera and New GPS Version

My work colleague has now taken it to the Giro d’talia so should get some great footage there.

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