About Us George on His Bike

Hi my name is George Slater

Check out my post about the Busselton 70.3 1/2 Iron Man and see pic below. Loved the crowd down there. I was gone but walking the last 150m in they raised me up and I got the energy to run, if not sprint, in.

I am a cycling wana be. Clad in Lycra I ride my 3 year old Scott or newish time trial bike to work, either 55 km long ride or 26 km direct.

You can check me out here, on my twitter site www.twitter.com/georgeonhisbike and also on my facebook account under www.facebook.com/Georgeonhisbike

Lots of the blog and twitter posts are just where I’ve cycled, my split times and notes on what I may be testing and reviewing on my bike at the time.


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