Contour HD Cyclemeter iPhone App recording Georgeonhisbike cycle rides

20110525-074418.jpgContour HD Cyclemeter iPhone App recording Georgeonhisbike cycle rides

George on his bike is a site inspired by the new iPhone App Cyclemeter and now the New Contour HD Video Camers.  Now it is possible to record and upload all of the times you ride and film it.  With the iPhone and a HD Helmet Camera, and also some of the other bike computers such as Polar and Garmin, you can track exactly when, when and how you have ridden.

I use an iPhone app for my cycling called Cyclemeter.  For $4.99 USD it is an amazing tool to record what you have done on a bike.  It works in a number of modes, for a review of the app please look at pages on this site and click on the links.  Some of these go off to google maps, some to my twitter site .

I’m not connected to “abvio” the makers of Cyclemeter.  But I do communicate with there technical staff when I see an issue or want to add some congratulations on there recent updates.

You will see that most of the time I am assessing Cyclemeter against the Garmin 705 which is what my mate uses on his bike.  Its an awsome bit of kit and is more matched to the “really serious cyclist or triathlete”.

Personally I use a Polar Heart Rate monitor, iPhone App Cyclemeter and now the Contour HD Video Camera to record all my rides.  Yes I am a gadget nut.  But these things are fun and are tools for my riding.

My riding includes riding to work, 4 to 5 days a week.  Getting there not a problem as its down hill a 237 meters.  You can now see a number of videos of me doing this on my bike, record is 89km per hour.  The ride home is flat then the highest climb in Perth 267 metres climb.  That gives me a monthly climb of 5,740 with a few weekend hill climbs I normally make a Everest most months 8,000 meters.  Wild when you add it all together.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site.  It is just meant to help anybody wanting to do more cycling or learn form somebody who has made lots and lots of mistakes so you do not have too.

Contour HD Cyclemeter iPhone App recording Georgeonhisbike cycle rides

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